TSO Welcomes Dr. Thomas Wilkins

Dr. Thomas Wilkins graduated with honors at Texas State University, and continued his education to earn his Doctorate in Optometry at the University of Houston.

As a young optometrist, Dr. Wilkins began relief work in 2004 at the TSO office of Dr. Terence Jansen. Dr. Wilkins has volunteered his time with Hospital de la Familia, which is an organization that performs eye care for impoverished areas in Central America. He specializes in diagnosing and treating Medicare patients and early detection of glaucoma and other age related eye diseases.

In his spare time, Dr. Wilkins enjoys traveling to locations such as Central America, Eastern Europe and South Africa.

Please contact Dr. Wilkins to welcome him to the TSO Network!

Dr. Thomas Wilkins

Riverside TSO

2410 E. Riverside • Austin, TX 78741