TSO University Associate Training Program

TSO University New Associate Program, a program that consists of a comprehensive, topic-focused curriculum, was developed by the TSO Board of Directors to provide a more consistent patient care experience.

The TSO University New Associate Program allows the Doctors of TSO to invest in the careers of TSO Network associates, and appoint a designated in-office training coordinator to guide new associates through the program.

About the Associate Training Program

The program consists of three components in which the in-office coordinator oversees:

  1. TSO Quick Start Orientation DVD
  2. ECP University New Dispenser Quick Start
  3. TSO Associate Training Manual, including the Question and Answers Manual

It is recommended that associates complete the entire program within their first seven months of employment with TSO. During their first month in the office, associates will complete the TSO Quick Start Orientation DVD and the ECP University New Dispenser Quick Start program.

The following six months are dedicated to the 26-chapter TSO Associate Training Manual, in which in-office training coordinators guide each associate for 30 minutes daily. During this time, the associate is encouraged to study materials and test weekly using the Questions and Answers manual.

About the TSO Training Coordinator

The TSO Training Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the office staff has completed the basic TSO University curriculum. The Training Coordinator will also:

  • Manage the education accomplishment by keeping records on what aspects of the TSO program each associate has completed.
  • Promote participation in on-going education and training events.
  • Work with new associates on a daily basis, making sure they invest the time necessary to complete the TSO curriculum within the allotted timeframe.
  • Make associates aware of on-going education opportunities and promote associate participation in these events.
  • Contribute to staff meetings with education by either delivering the information themselves or arranging for outside people to present.
  • Attend TSO Network’s annual meeting each year as well as groom others in the office with the skills needed to be a successful Training Coordinator.

By taking advantage of the TSO University Training Program, not only will the TSO associates feel powerful and encouraged, but it will also encourage the Doctors and training coordinators of TSO to continue to build confident, inspired, controlled and enthusiastic teams in income- producing TSO offices with high morale!

The TSO University Training System, which contains the following:

  • TSO Associate Training Manual
  • TSO Associate Training Manual Questions & Answers
  • TSO Quick Start Orientation DVD

Offices who were unable to attend can request their starter pack by contacting their regional market manager to discuss the program.