TSO Texas City Grants Healthy Hearts!

The Texas City Foundation for the Future made wishes come true for teachers in December, with much thanks to TSO Texas City, led by Dr. Nelson Juarez!

This year, Dr. Nelson Juarez and his TSO Texas City staff awarded a classroom grant to a local Texas City elementary school teacher in honor of the Heart Adventure Challenge Course.The grant focuses on helping educate young children in the importance of staying healthy by eating right and exercising regularly, thus promoting a healthy heart.

TSO Texas City has been supporting Foundation for the Future since 2006 by donating welcome back gifts bags to all teachers and school nurses during their annual August meetings.  Dr. Juarez and staff also donate $2,000 in support of the Foundation for the Future towards grants and additional projects. With a total of $122,099, there were 44 grants awarded at each of the four elementary schools last year.

The Foundation for the Future, in collaboration with the community and the school district, supports a quality education for the District’s students by generating and distributing resources to enrich, maintain and expand programs to meet the District’s stated mission of excellence in education.

The Foundation raises revenues from businesses, individuals and civic organizations interested in funding innovative educational programs. Contributions received by the Foundation are used to provide grants for innovative projects that support student achievement. The teaching grants are managed as part of the Foundation’s “Projects In Education” Grants Program.

Congratulations to Dr. Juarez and the entire TSO Texas City staff for exceptional community service. Texas City wouldn’t be the same without you!