TSO Partners with Optometric Business Solutions

TSO announces a new partnership with OBS.  OBS is a group of experts with experience in helping eye care providers with billing and claims services.  Dr. Joe Deloach is the president and CEO of OBS with hands-on experience in HIPAA compliance, medical billing and coding, documentation of medical record, and management of ocular disease. 
The doctors of TSO will have access to insurance billing services provided by OBS at a preferred rate.  Billing and claims services include prompt claims processing by knowledgeable insurance specialist, education to providers regarding maximizing reimbursement and minimizing claims denials, and access to other practice management services as needed. 
OBS experts can provide for all or selected parts of your billing services.  All claims will be reviewed to assure accuracy and completeness.  Billing services also include investigation and attempts to resolve any denial issues.
Billing services include:
·        Gathering all information needed to set the doctor up for billing services
·        Initial interview to establish all requirements for providing the services including network communications
·        Posting all claims for all third party payers
·        Posting receipts upon receipt of Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from doctor
·        Whenever possible, reconciling and refiling claims not paid on first submission
·        Reporting of patterns of claims submission errors to reduce first attempt denials
·        Monthly reporting
In addition to the discounted billing and claims services, TSO doctors will also have access to all other OBS services at a 20% discount off the usual rates.  This includes auditing services, practice management consulting, human resource development and training, and all manuals. 
For additional information contact Dr. Deloach at joe@optometricbusinesssolutions.com or Ann Deen at cadeen@tso.com.
Visit the OBS website at www.optometricbusinesssolutions.com.