TSO Operations Committee Update

To All Doctors of the TSO Network:
I would like to take this opportunity to update you on the plans for the Operations Committee and to get feedback from you on any item or issue you would like for us to address.

The purpose of the operations committee is to help all TSO Network members in their daily running of an optometric
practice. In an effort to provide more support to the Doctors of TSO, we welcome and encourage feedback and suggestions on how we can better serve the network.

We strive as a committee to stay abreast of all issues in regard to the Network and present them to the Doctors of TSO as expeditiously as possible. The committee has met two times so far this year, and we feel that the issues that are affecting us most today in our offices are the following:

1. HIPAA, Human Resources and OSHA
We are putting on a two day seminar with Optometric Business Solutions leading the lectures in Houston to fully address these issues and prepare you for an audit or a potential violation.

2. Insurance Authorization
We are putting together a booklet to list all of the insurance companies and the best way to get authorizations for each of them without having to call.

3. Evaluating Vision Insurance Plans
We are establishing criteria for you to use to determine if you want to accept a new insurance plan or to stay on an existing one which is up for renewal. With the passing of SB 632, we expect all of the plans to change and we must be prepared to
determine if the plan is profitable or not.

I hope this brings you up to date on what is going on in our network, and we will always try to keep you up to date as we go along. Please feel free to contact me or any of the committee members with your comments and concerns.

Thank you,
Doug Jackman, OD

Current Operations Committee Members :
Dr. Robert Gracey • 817.645.7733 • eyebike@gmail.com
Stefan Czelusta • 512.327.3605 • stefan@drkamnetz.com
Pam Housely • 409.722.6141 • Pamh_mgr_tso@yahoo.com
Dr. Amit Shah • 281.431.1000 • Amits32@yahoo.com
Dr. Doug Jackman (Chairman) • 512.323.6996 • mdjod@austin.rr.com