TSO Oak Fair Hosts Annual Holiday Celebration for Local Foster Children

For the past several years, Dr. Rountree and staff in his Fair Oaks Ranch office have provided a local foster home with eye care services. This year, Dr. Rountree took his

kindness to another level by treating local foster children to a pizza and movie date. The day started with lunch at CiCi’s Pizza and then the group traveled to watch the recent movie release, Peanuts. Dr Rountree was able to address the children and attending guest before the movie.

As a thank you, the children presented Dr. Rountree and staff with a hand-written thank you card.

TSO Market Manager Steve Coronado stated, “It was an honor to see Dr. Rountree and staff in action making the difference in their community. I invite other members in the TSO Network who have considered providing an experience to some in their community to do so, and don’t limit it to the holidays! I assure you, Dr. Rountree and his staff created memories for those who attended and greatly impacted his community.”

Thank you Dr. Rountree on your commitment to making an impact within your community. For more information on how you can develop an impactful community event, please contact your local market manager.