TSO Meets with EyeMed

TSO recently met with EyeMed representatives John Lahr, OD (VP/Medical Director), Mark Popp (Sr. Director, Provider Relations) and Connie Martin (Dallas Regional Luxottica Sales Mgr.) concerning the new EyeMed contract. EyeMed is consolidating approximately 150 provider agreements down to 15 standard contract agreements. By controlling the time period for renewed agreements all provider agreements will begin October 1, 2013.

One major question for EyeMed was how signing of the new contract early could shut out Texas providers from the provisions offered from Texas SB 632. Dr. Lahr assured TSO that before January 2014, EyeMed providers would be covered under SB 632 and could then opt-out if they decided to be bound by the terms of the required discounting of the standard EyeMed contract. EyeMed’s new contract will honor the option of doctors to not participate in the non-funded discount benefits.

EyeMed’s website will list specifically which providers offer discounting and which ones do not. EyeMed members looking for an eye provider will see two columns of providers. One list will indicate providers that offer discounts on non-covered services or materials and another list of providers that do not offer discounts. Patients will know prior to scheduling an appointment which providers offer EyeMed members discounts on non-covered services or materials. Essilor will provide EyeMed training to providers and staff as soon as the training process is completed and in place. There are three Texas Essilor labs participating in the EyeMed contract.

Doctors of TSO Network are encouraged to call EyeMed directly with questions concerning the new EyeMed contract at 1-855-219-4576.