TSO McKinney Celebrates Grand Opening of New Location

Congratulations to Dr. Jonathan Sher on a successful relocation of the TSO McKinney location. To commemorate the location opening, Dr. Sher and his staff used Facebook to encouraged patients to stop by the store to take a tour of the new office and participate in their most liked selfie contest on Facebook or Instagram.

“Overall, the response from our patients has been overwhelming positive. They are so happy for us to have such a nice new place to work. If I could give a piece of advice to any of our Doctors of TSO who are considering relocating or redeveloping a legacy office, it is to go for it. It may seem scary to change, but it is totally worth it for many reasons, not the least of which it will re-invigorate your practice. Patients will spend more money in a nicer office. Our 2016 goal is to see at least a 5% growth in our bottom line, but I believe it will be closer to 10% or more due to our new location. Finally, one of the most frequent comments we see in our reviews is how wonderful, friendly and caring our team is. We agree! Thank you to my staff for their continued hard work.” Dr. Jonathan Sher