TSO Marketing Offers Facebook Support

TSO Marketing has been hard at work creating with a special program to help your TSO Network office manage your Facebook business page.  

Whether you already have a page or are just getting started, we want to help you get the most out of social media.

What are we offering?

·  5 Facebook posts per week. Posts will be done without prior approval but can be removed should it be requested.

·  Your page’s cover photo will be updated twice a month.

·  You have the option to provide content via form submission (48 hours notice for time sensitive posts please).

·  Notifications of  ‘fan’ correspondence on your business page, however we will not be able to reply or comment on your behalf.

How does your office get started?

Contact Social Sarah at sarah@socialsarah.net or call 214.699.1573. Sarah will provide you with a short list of items we will need to get your page set up and optimized.