TSO Launches Expansion Model

Earlier this year, the TSO Board of Directors approved an expansion plan that is both unique and very exciting. It is called the “Sponsorship Expansion Plan.” Any qualified TSO Network Member can now sponsor a new location in the Dallas / Fort Worth or San Antonio market area by working in conjunction with TSO, Inc.

The result will be a new, beautifully designed Texas State Optical office in a growth oriented location for purposes of selling to a young, qualified optometrist. This new model is being initially used in the underserved areas of Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio for purposes of quickly growing strong, successful TSO locations.

The first office will be in the Custer Creek Shopping Center located in north Richardson, TX. TSO President John D. Marvin said, “This model provides us an opportunity to secure good locations, handle all of the initial design, build out, inventory and staffing while working with a young optometrist who eventually will purchase the practice. It is very appealing to young optometrists who welcome the leadership and experience of TSO practice consultants and management.”

A lease has been signed on the Custer Creek location and construction will soon begin on the build out of a dynamic and unique office and optical design. The new office will reflect current retail environment designs and take full use of new technology.