TSO introduces new values and mission statement at Vision Quest

Earlier this year, twenty five leaders of the TSO Network met to discuss in depth the essence of the TSO Network, what we are as an organization and where our future should be directed. The discussion developed a set of core values that are easily understood to which the network is committed to and developed an inclusive mission statement.


Mission Statement

Too often we lost the perspective of what it is that we actually do as a member of the TSO Network. It really is far simpler than is often our explanation. We help people see the important things in life. That’s it. That’s what we do, that is our mission, helping people see more beautiful sunsets, family celebrations, the sparkle in a newborn’s eyes, the kindness and love of our grandparents. It is a wonderful purpose and mission worthy of giving it our best.


Core Values

An agreement of what we hold as our strongest and deepest set of principles as an organization, as a network location and doctors and staff who have wonderful opportunity of caring for patients. We commit to conducting ourselves in accordance of these core values.


Visionary Spirit

The belief that there are no challenges but rather opportunities.


Invested in Relationships

Providing quality eye care depends on building and nurturing relationships with our patients, our colleagues and our profession.


Dedicated Professionals

We demonstrate respect for our patients and profession by the manner in which we conduct ourselves and the effort made improving our skills and abilities.


Leadership through Service

We believe leadership is earned through service to others, service to our associates, our network members and our professional and civic communities.