TSO.com – Things Every Network Office Needs to Know

The new TSO.com continues to increase TSO’s online presence with new updates that provide patients with helpful tools that empower split-second decisions such as calling an office and scheduling an appointment.

In efforts to ensure that patients receive updated information, it is vital for each office to have their office profiles updated. Here are a few tips on updating your profile and the importance of this content.

Profile Pages

Each TSO doctor profile page is listed separately in the Google, Bing and Yahoo! search directory. Currently, 20% of TSO.com visitors come directly to individual doctor profile pages. Having this profile completed is critical to the combined success of TSO.com

How can your office complete the doctor profile pages?

  1. Have a current headshot. If you need one, please contact your regional marketing coordinator.
  2. Add pictures of your office, staff and merchandise displays.
  3. Make sure your insurance information is correct and current. Not only will you improve your profile you’ll also make office calls a lot easier. Insurance is a big search term for patients.
  4. List your fashion brands. If someone is looking for Oakley Sunglasses then you want them to find you.
  5. Make your location-description as specific as possible. Keywords increase your search traffic.  Note nearby communities, landmarks, shopping centers,

intersections, and schools. Make it easy for new patients to find you.

  1. Post your schedule online. Patients will call or schedule their appointment online when they know you are available. If your office needs to sign up, please contact Robin Oloyede.
  2. Add patient reviews. Online reviews are the #4 most important decision assist behind personal recommendations; advertising; social media circles, and then online reviews.

The more content TSO.com has the better every TSO office results. Your part makes a big difference.