TSO.com Profile Headshots Needed

Have you updated your doctor profile picture on the new TSO.com? If not, the TSO Network office will take care of it for you!

Complete doctor profile pages, including updated headshots, are vital to the success of the website of the new TSO.com. In an effort to increase TSO’s online presence, the TSO Network Office team would like to assist all TSO Network offices in completing their TSO.com profile page.

Your headshot is one of the most important elements of your TSO.com doctor profile. A good first impression encourages the patient to read the rest of your profile and take action. In fact, your profile is more likely to be viewed simply by having a profile picture and suggests to the patient that TSO.com is an actively used website.

During the months of February and March, some TSO Network offices may receive a call from a local photographer to schedule an appointment with the Doctors of TSO for headshots. These headshots will be placed on TSO.com doctor profile pages and will be completed at no cost to the office.

For more information on how to complete your doctor profile, please contact your regional market manager.