TSO.com – Introducing the ODExamBank

The new TSO.com continues to increase TSO’s online presence with new updates that provide patients with helpful tools that empower split-second decisions such as calling an office and scheduling an appointment.

Remember the game “Whac-A-Mole”? Smack one down only for another to pop up? Digital marketing can seem a lot like whack-a-mole feeding the machine quarter after quarter. Lots of quarters.

You get rankings, traffic, brand awareness, impressions, clicks, CPM$, CTR%, PPC$, eCTR%, conversion goals, bidding strategies, display ads, banner ads, video ads, keywords,

landing pages, and everything but patients in your exam chair.

Every time you whack one fee down another pops up. Digital marketing spending is all your responsibility but nobody is accountable for patients in your office.

With an office to run and patients to see, without accountability how can you be sure money going means money coming in, in the form of patients?

Now ODExamBank gives you patients.

Not impressions, not clicks, not reports, not PowerPoint presentations. Patients in your office – or you don’t pay.

The resources behind TSO.com and EyeCarePro have partnered to bring you a new service that manages all of your TSO new patient marketing efforts.

You deposit $1,000 in the ODExamBank and if you don’t see patients, your deposit stays yours. You only pay when you see results. Deductions are $40 for every new patient and $5 for every returning patient.

It’s all about accountability.

“This is a very exciting time for TSO,” says Steve Poley, Project Lead for TSO.com, creator of the Open Exam Scheduler. “TSO is a leader in the optometric industry, and this program puts us out in front again. There is no question that a pay-for-performance model is the best way to manage a practice’s new patient marketing, and we’re excited to bring ODExamBank to TSO.” Daniel Rostenne, EyeCarePro CEO added, “Working together with Steve Poley and his team allows us to provide one new patient marketing that covers all of a TSO practice’s needs. From TSO.com to the doctor’s office website and everything in between.”


The all-in-one solution that works with your digital patient connections … TSO.com and your office website.

We take responsibility for your digital marketing, your website, your search engine ranking, paid social activities, paid search ads, banners, display ads, email campaigns, video, and other programs.

We provide and pay for all digital programs including scheduling tools and both websites.

When you participate with ODExamBank, you have no other digital marketing expenses.

We stand accountable for your patients. ODExamBank patients are recognized when an online enrollment is completed or a tracked phone call is made to participating offices.

All new and returning patients are reported on the left-hand panel on your TSO.com homepage under “Exam Bank” and in daily morning email updates. So you know exactly what you are spending and what you get. No results? You keep your ODExamBank funds.


Why do we have to pay $5 for returning patients?

We must do active-SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and continuously improve the TSO.com and your local site webpages to aggressively market new patients. This support also draws returning patients, patients that might otherwise

If I do not use the ODExamBank then what happens to my TSO.com Profile Pages?

Your profile will only be included if you pay a TSO Membership fee.

Do I get to review the advertising?

We will share the program with the TSO Network office. Our program will provide online search consumers with the most relevant, helpful, and easy-to-use information to select TSO as their health care provider. We accept all ideas, comments, and suggestions to improve the program. The final answer is

the program can only continue if we deliver profitable patient acquisition for your offices.

How do I see my results? How often will I be informed? You can see reports online at TSO.com when using your doctor login credentials.. We also email TSO Members Morning Summary of yesterday’s results.

How do I get my TSO.com web credentials?

Your regional Practice Consultant has your credentials.

When does the program start?

As soon as you authorize your TSO Member Digital Marketing Support. The ODExamBank is designed to specifically market your individual office location.

What if you don’t deliver for my office?

Your authorized TSO Marketing Support remains in your ODExamBank until we provide you with new and returning patients. If you do not get patients, then the balance remains in your account.


Continual base web and SEO support keeps these patients in the pipeline, increases loyalty and directly encourages return visits.

What if I want to run my own digital marketing programs and not use the new ODExamBank?

This choice is perfectly acceptable and we recognize that we must earn your support. If you can acquire new patients for

$40 or less and are more comfortable with other providers, then there is no obligation to this program. Just remember, we do not deliver impressions, clicks, relative click rates, CPM$, or CPC$. We deliver new patients with names,

email addresses, phone numbers, and exam dates/times. Participation in the ODExamBank benefits the entire TSO Network because as a result TSO.com grows, achieves higher search rankings, and builds the TSO brand.

Can I stop or re-start at any time?

The program runs with the support of your positive ODExamBank balance. If your balance falls below $100 then you must pay “fee-for-service” or lose support. If you are not involved in the ODExamBank or fee for service, then you must pay $250/month for TSO.com listing.

For information on how to get your office ODExamBank started, contact Steve Poley at scpoley@gmail.com.