TSO.com – Importance of Complete Doctor and Location Profiles

With the new TSO.com launched and online schedulers now active, you may be thinking … why is my office not receiving appointment requests?

If your office has an active online scheduler on TSO.com, it is vital that your doctor and office location profiles be complete. A complete profile not only increases your visibility when being searched online, but it also provides patients with a solid understanding for the available services, types of frame offerings and insurances accepted in each office.

Please be sure to login to your office profile to ensure your notifications information is property listed. Without a notifications email listed in your profile, no appointment requests will be received.

How to Add Notifications Emails:

  1. Login to your TSO.com Doctor Profile
  2. Choose the locations tab
  3. Scroll down to the notifications email section on

the locations page and enter in your office’s designated appointments email address. You may enter up to three email addresses.

  1. Repeat steps on each office location.

Please contact your market manager if you have questions on how to access your profile.