TSO Celebrates 80 Years of Caring for the Eyes of Texas

It’s impossible to know whether or not the four Rogers brothers who started Texas State Optical in 1936 envisioned their company eighty years later. It is hard to imagine they fully comprehended the impact their decision would make on the lives of hundreds of thousands and even millions of families in Texas and surrounding states.

Texas State Optical celebrates its eightieth birthday in 2016 and today the organization continues to provide quality eye care for more Texas families than any other eye care organization. Each day, hundreds of TSO associates help people see the important things in their life with thorough eye exams and quality prescription eyewear.

There are some exciting plans for celebrating this special “ruby” anniversary at this year’s annual meeting Vision Quest 2016 which will be held in Nashville, TN and we hope you plan now to join us for this celebration and conference.

We hope you realize the legacy and heritage of care that you joined when you became a member or associate of Texas State Optical. It is one in which you can be proud and one for which you are responsible in making sure it shines throughout your community each day, every week, all year long. Thank you for all you do to help people see the important things in life.