Treasure Island Final Results

Congratulations to all of the offices that participated in this year’s third quarter marketing program! A well-deserved applause to the offices that made it to Camp 10 in the Treasure Island program and increased their multiple pair sales by 25% of total eyewear purchases. The entire staff of the four offices that made it to camp 10 earned cash rewards and were treated to dinner at Willie G’s Seafood and Steakhouse in the Galleria area.

“I live for these promotions! It is easy money, and since the sky is the limit- our team reached for the sky,” said Martha Martinez, staff member of Museum District TSO.

“The Treasure Island contest was a great opportunity for all of my staff members. They worked together as a team to accomplish a specific goal – make it to camp 10. As a doctor it was exciting to hear their weekly accomplishments. They worked together as a team to accomplish their goal. My staff appreciated the cash incentive and acknowledged how fun it was that everyone was rewarded in the end. I hope to see more quarterly promotions that involve all staff members and not just opticians,” said Dr. Hilliard of Pearland TSO.

Hear, Hear to the four offices and their success!

Copperfield TSO
Museum District TSO
Pearland TSO
Shotwell TSO