Training vs. Coaching

Training and coaching are two different things and are not as interchangeable as you may

think. Training is a structured lesson designed to provide the employee with the knowledge and skills to perform a task.

Coaching is a process designed to help the employee gain greater competence and to overcome barriers so as to improve job performance. You might picture it as when you were

know that our best investment is spent on internal marketing and the health care industry is notorious for thriving on word of mouth referrals; so consider yourself double dipping when you positively impact the patient experience. The remaining “P” is promotion. What is your promotion strategy? Internally? Externally? What advertising are you involved in? What things are working and what is not? Can you double your money on the ads that are working and get twice or greater a return? Should you stop doing the ads that are seemingly giving you no return? What community events or groups can you join? Well, February is already here, so if you haven’t already set out a plan and budget for your business’ advertising for 2016, then it is time to do so now.

As small business owners we see and hear from a new salesperson with an opportunity to advertise on a weekly basis. All too often we make the decision on whether to sign up for that proposed ad based on the presentation that the salesperson gave, or on what cause or benefit we are locally supporting with the ad. To that extent, please take advantage of the tools at your disposal. The TSO Network Market Managers and Marketing Coordinators would love to help plan out a holistic marketing plan and budget for your office. We can provide some clarity for you on which advertising methods will produce brand awareness and which will affect consumer behavior. Will we will build a budget for you to make sure that you get the most for your dollars and this will guide your decisions

and conversations with the ad reps. Also, please keep in mind that the ads that you have on contract to simply renew may be old images. Check with your Marketing Coordinator to make sure that these images are up to date as your old images may be part of an old ad campaign and the newest images may have higher resolution.

school. During physical education,

the gym teacher (trainer) taught you how to play basketball. Next you went out for the school team. You had a basic understanding of the game and its rules, but the coach taught you

the finer points of the game. Training and coaching go hand-in-hand. First, train them with lots of technical support and then coach them with motivational pointers.

Both training and coaching help to create the conditions that causes someone to learn and develop.

People learn by the examples others, by forming a picture in their minds of what they are trying to learn, by

gaining and understanding necessary information, by applying it to their job, or practice.

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