Top Trends for 2012

We all wish we had a mythical crystal ball to gaze into to see where our business of optometry is going in the future. Should you worry more about the economy? Should your office be selling online? What will be the key categories for growth for optometry practice? One EyeCare report spots some trends in 2012 …

  1.  Economy is better in 2012: 2012 is the election year and the economy typically goes up with optimism. While ECPs continue to list turbulent economy as their business challenge, the concern is slowly declining.
  2.  Getting online: Few chain stores and big labs are jumping into the online optical business. About 3% of all optical retail business are done online. Only 18% of ECP’s have websites offer information and e-commerce.
  3.  New types of patients: The new economy has produced a new breed of patients who are wary and educated. They are a lot harder to please.
  4.  Future growth: Most optometrists think the future growth comes from medical optometry such as glaucoma/dry eyes management. The next two areas are regular eye exams and eyewear.
  5.  Means to combat poor economy: To overcome the impact of poor economy, most OD’s think customer service is the answer.
  6.  Perceived influences on customer purchasing: Doctor recommendation ranks number one and optician’s recommendation follows closely. Doctor’s influence is still king. Use your doctor’s power.
  7.  Going social: Only 6% of ECP’s are using Facebook and Twitter all the time. Most ECP’s see the importance, but it is not a huge priority.

Do you have any other trends that you feel should be added to this list? If so, don’t hesitate to send them in!