Third Quarter Sales Promotion | Treasure Island

The third quarter sales promotion program, Treasure Island, has been designed to reward the entire office for their teamwork in increasing multiple sales. The focus of the program is to encourage teamwork and increase multiple sales. This year the entire office staff will be rewarded for accomplishment of increasing multiple sales to 25% of total eyewear purchases.

Overview of the Program
Our 10 week adventure will take us through ten “camps” until we discover that X marks the spot, the 25% multiple pair spot! You can only progress to each camp by selling your office’s number of multiple pairs of eyewear or a year’s supply of contact lenses.

When an office moves to a camp, everyone in the office earns treasure and the more camps you reach, the greater the treasure.

Don’t forget to share your success with others!

We have set up a private Facebook Group page at We want to encourage you to post your results and success using photos and status updates. While we are introducing this group page for the Treasure Island sales program, we will keep it up so offices can continue to share information and doing so will strengthen the culture of our organization.