The three step sales presentation: How and why it works.

The most successful practices have a few thing in common. A knowledgeable optometrist and staff and an exceptional patient experience. In this article, we will review the three step multiple pair sales presentation and explain how to create an experience that will maintain and attain loyal patients.

The Introduction

The first step towards increasing multiple pair sales is the Introduction. Our first contact with the patient is usually through the receptionist who sets the appointment.

The receptionist should ask the patient to bring all the types of eye wear they currently use to the appointment: glasses, reading glasses, sun glasses computer glasses or sports eye wear.

The decision to choose more than one pair of eye wear begins in the exam room. The doctor determines which types of lenses fit the needs of the patient and are most appropriate. Determining the patient needs and recommending or prescribing more than one pair of lenses to meet those needs, sets the stage for multiple pair sales. It is recommended that doctors prescribe at least three sets of lenses for each patient.

When the exam is complete the doctor escorts the patient to the dispensary and introduces them to an optician. The doctor explains the patient’s needs and the lenses prescribed. The doctor then asks the optician to explain the features and benefits of the prescribed lenses to the patient.


 The Presentation

The next step in the process is the presentation. Before any discussion of frames begins, ask the patient to be seated so you can explain the various types of lenses the doctor has recommended or prescribed. When you focus on what the doctor has prescribed and why these lenses will be beneficial to the patient’s vision, you help create the need for a second and third pair.

Once you have concluded the presentation the optician should ask the patient, “Do you have any questions?”  If the patient has no questions the optician can then say,

“Allow me to show you some frames that go best with these lenses.”


The Follow Up

When the doctor has recommended multiple pairs and the optician has taken the time to explain all the features and benefits of each pair of lenses you should follow up the office visit. Keeping in touch with your patient extends the message delivered in the office and gives your patient a reason to return and make additional purchases.

 Send a hand written thank you card. …a thank you email or use your internal communication system to reach out to every patient. A simple thank you is one of the most powerful selling tools you possess.

In every correspondence be sure to refer back to the prescription the doctor wrote for multiple pairs.

Your patients have different visual requirements but they have one thing in common. They all deserve the best possible eye care and eye wear we can provide.