The Six Stages of Social Media

I recently read this article about the 6 stages of social media, from awareness to acceptance.  As someone who’s business is in social media I skipped a few of the stages, but can clearly see the thought process laid out in the article.  I hope you find this article as humorous as I did.


(This is a truncated version of the original post here:  6 Stages of Social Media for SMBs (and everyone else) by Lisa Barone)




Which stage are you in?




Stage 1: I Don’t Need Social Media


The first stage of social media is utter and total resentment. It’s where you view social media as an annoyance and where you wish everyone would just stop talking about it or recommending that you sign up for a Twitter account. 


Stage 2: Fine, Maybe I’ll Just Try…


The second stage of social media is where you’ve finally decided to let your guard down a little bit. You decide you’ll give it a shot; you create that Twitter account and get your business listed on Facebook. 


Stage 3: This Isn’t Working


In Stage 3, you start to get mad. You’ve had your social media accounts for several months but they’re still stuck in the experimentation stage. You’re still only tweeting when you feel like it, you’re sometimes engaging on Facebook, and you’re very lightly promoting the accounts when talking to customers. The result of being stuck in the experimentation stage is that you’re not seeing many results.


Stage 4: Things Are Feeling Comfortable


By Stage 4, you’re starting to get the hang of things. You’ve hit a groove. By participating consistently and scheduling social media into your day (like you do the rest of your tasks), you find the time to engage with your audience, answer questions and generally be a good social media citizen. Most exciting is that you’re beginning to see results! 


Stage 5: OMG, Tools!


Now that you’re comfortable, you decide it’s time to get serious. You’ve seen the positive effects that social media can have on your business simply by engaging consistently and with a purpose. Now it’s time to take things to the next level by using social media tools to help offer some new insight.


Stage 6: Social Media Evangelist


By Stage 6 you’ve not only seen the social media light but you’re also preaching the benefits to everyone you know.