The EDGE User Group Meeting

On Sunday, October 12, 2014, GPN will host The EDGE User Group Meeting at the Magnolia Hotel located in downtown Houston.

GPN is the leading business management company in the eye care industry. Their unique business tools, along with their expert team, are focused on build- ing infrastructure and profit for independents.

The user group leverages the aggregated data in real time and the GPN EXPERTeam goes through the collective and individual results and teaches new strategies to impact the numbers. In addition, GPN rolls The EDGE Playbook that teaches our clients how to track what trending information is all about and how to grab the low hanging fruit for probability.

At this interactive hands-on workshop, you will learn how to:

• Monitor your business results through weekly, monthly, and quarterly routines
• Incorporate Minute Management philosophy with The EDGE
• Significantly impact vision care plans & track results
• Implement strategies for shrinking sales & lenses
• Track the clinics impact on your business GPN will review the aggregated data of all attendees in order to discuss compar- isons and benchmarks (your actual information will remain private).