The Company

Communication is a two way street. To be a good communicator you have to have a good listener. As

I mentioned last time, the Board is making a conscious and strong effort to communicate better with the network on all that is going on. Another way to know what is going on and to have an effect on what is being done, is to become involved in the Network. As it is often said, “we” the doctors, all of us, own this company.

We should be as concerned about “the company” as we are about our own offices. So the best way I see for each of us to be involved and to have a say in how “our company” is being run is to volunteer.

We have committees that make all of the decisions and bring those decisions to the Board and the Board then votes to move forward with the committee decision or not. The promise of the Board is that if the committee has decided on whatever it is they bring to the Board, the Board should most likely approve it.


Here is a list of those committees and the respective Chairman:

Advertising and Marketing Committee, Dr. Roland Montemayor

Professional Affairs Committee, Dr. Benny Peña

Political Affairs Committee, Dr. Steve Stanfield

Operations Committee, Dr. Cameron Smith

Vendor Relations Committee, Dr. Michael Reade

Finance Committee, Jack Gunion

I strongly encourage you to look at the different committees, find an area that interests you and call the Chairman of that committee. It will not require too much of your time and your input will be invaluable. I don’t think we can have too many members on a committee, but we can certainly have too few. Please consider this and get involved. You’ll receive more than you give.

I can personally relate to those who have not been involved. I was the best at standing on the sidelines and complaining about how things were done. I was finally shamed into running for the Board, and it is the best thing I’ve done in a long time. It has gotten me excited again about practicing, being proud of the profession we chose, and most

importantly involved in the direction of the company where I am part owner.

I know we have some great young talent out there because I hear members talk about you all of the time. Please share those talents with the network. Become a part of the conversation. We, the members of the network, the owners of “The Company” want to listen to you.