Supporting Our Core Values

I have had the recent pleasure of attending the awards banquets for both UHCO and RSO. The doctors of TSO were very generous and sponsored both events, and awarded scholarships to three very deserving students at each school.  Forgive me, but I must point out that there were a total of two TSO doctors at the TSO hosted scholarship banquet for RSO students and a total of six at the banquet for UHCO.

I will include myself in the group of us doctors that can do a little bit more for our network, and our profession as a whole. But we all could do better.  The practice of optometry and the value of our network would be increased exponentially with more dedication and involvement from our doctors.

Our network staff has put in long hours to plan and coordinate board of directors meetings, sponsored events at TOA, regional meetings, and school events. These were organized with the intention of improving the individual network office by networking with other TSO doctors, marketing our brand to our local communities, and sharing ideas for the future of our network. Unfortunately, many of the meetings had to be postponed and/or rescheduled because of a lack of participation from our members.

Our networks core values and culture include: Dedicated Professionals, Invested in Relationships, and Leadership through Service.  How can we truly say we follow these principals if we can’t invest a little extra time and support OUR network?

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” -Henry Ford

I truly believe that participation in Vision Quest would both be beneficial to individual offices, and the network as a whole.

Remember, it is our goal to help people see the important things in life. Please email me what is important to you at

Thank You,

Benny Peña, OD