Submit Quality Data for 2013 PQRS

Doctors have until February 28, 2014 to submit quality data for the 2013 PQRS program. 


If you are participating in the pilot or would like to participate you must submit 12 months of Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) data by February 28, 2014 at 10:59 PM Central Time.


Steps to Successfully Participate

To successfully participate in the program, you must do the following by February 28, 2014:

  • Register for an Individuals Authorized Access to the CMS Computer Services (IACS) account for (EHR submission only)
  • Indicate intent to report CQMs using pilot in EHR Registration & Attestation System
  • Generate required reporting files
  • Test data submission
  • Submit quality data


If you cannot submit your CQM data for 12 months electronically through PQRS, you must return to the EHR Attestation System and deselect the electronic report option.  Note: if you do not submit your 2013 quality data or deselect the electronic reporting option in the EHR Attestation System, you will not receive an EHR incentive payment. 


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