Start Spreading the News!

TSO Marketing introduces the third quarter sales and staff incentive program titled Start Spreading the News.

The program is designed to significantly increase multiple pair sales of prescription eyewear and contact lenses during the busy third quarter. When an office increases their sales of multiple pair, they not only provide the patient a better quality of care but they also grow their sales and financial rewards.

The program focuses on using a 3-Step Sales Plan to increase your percentage of multiple pair sales. Each step is critical for success and when all three are used in combination, the result is happier patients and better quality eye care.

To make it fun, TSO Marketing is sponsoring free, four-day, expense paid trips to New York City for staff members and doctors. In addition, office associates can earn weekly cash rewards and earn hundreds of extra bonuses during this busy time of year.

Each network member office receives a marketing resource kit that includes all of the information and items needed to put this program in place. When it arrives, review the information and call a staff meeting to go over the details together.

TSO Marketing will be hosting meetings in the council markets as well as hosting three webinars for doctors and staff in which the program will be explained in detail.

Watch your email for a meeting and webinar invitations and start spreading the news of improved quality of vision from owning more than one pair of prescription eyewear.