Nowadays companies are required to both stay competitive and maintain a highly skilled, motivated staff. Despite today’s aggressive job market, employees often have minor hesitation when it comes to hunting for a new job if they become unhappy with their current employer. In order to keep employees fulfilled, boost morale, and remain competitive, employers should encourage further training and education of their staff.

Dr. Rose Virani of Katy TSO recently spoke about the changes she observed within her staff after returning from Vision Quest in San Francisco, California. Her optician, Veronica Garza, was hired onto Dr. Virani’s staff after working for another optical chain with a different perspective on patient care.

“It took about three months for Veronica to begin to understand the TSO way of caring, and I thought it would be an excellent opportunity for her to get additional training at Vision Quest. One of the most important reasons to offer further training and education to employees is to ensure that work skills stay current. Training is also an excellent way to retain the best employees,” stated Dr. Virani.

Veronica affirmed, “I really think that the additional staff training that I received has been very helpful in understanding the TSO caring way. Also, the staff meetings we have really help me understand how we function in the office as a team and how we constantly work towards positive patient experiences.”

Dr. Virani strives to host one staff meeting a week that allows her employees. We like to have our staff go over the opportunities to make each customer experience the best possible.  She attests her staff’s recent successes and honorable mentions in the local quarterly marketing campaigns to their education and training.

“After Veronica took the patient personalities course, she really understood how to pair the right optician with the patient, which has made a tremendous difference in our office. I really think it is important for the Doctors of TSO to not only have the staff meetings, but to also let their staff participate in the networking events such as the marketing meetings and Vision Quest. It is because of these things that I feel like my staff is successful.”