Spectera Update

Training Tips to Increase Efficiency

When you bill for Necessary Contact Lenses, you must use the appropriate XC modifier and authorizations are not required. To find a list of required modifier codes, go to spectera.com under “Plan Resources” and view the Network Administration Manual.

Provider Credentialing/Recredentialing Delays

We are confident that the new NAVCP credentialing partnership will provide greater efficiency for vision carriers and providers in the near future. However, credentialing and recredentialing approvals are temporarily taking longer than usual as we implement the new process. We anticipate that turnaround time will return to normal within a few weeks. To reduce delays, please make sure your information is updated in CAQH and that it includes a current copy of your professional liability insurance.

Revised Retail Plan Codes: 3.04.2016
Retail Plan Code Client Effective Date Situs State Est. Eligible Plan Set-up Standard/Custom
PI QY Shaklee Corp. Spartan Light Metal 4/1/2016


CA MO 400


Standard Set-Up Standard Set-UP