Spectera Update

New, updated and revised plans including EHB (Essential Health Benefit Plan), Medicare Plans and Retail Plans are now available.

When pulling benefit information for a patient, always print the plan benefit for that date of service so dated information is not used.

Notable changes on some plans include:

  • “Contact Lens Fitting/Evaluation” benefit changed from “No charge”to “N/A”: This benefit is not available and the patient would pay out of pocket for the fitting/evaluation,
  • Changes in frame allowance amounts,
  • Changes from frame only allowances to total material allowances including contact lens fittings and plan number changes,
  • DAILES® AquaComfortPlus® Toric (30 pk) has been added to the Daily Wear Contact Lens Formulary.

All information can be found on www.spectera.com or by contacting Spectera Customer Service at 1-800-638-3120.                                                                                 Questions can be directed to Cindy Huynh, TSO Operations Manager at 713-953-7600 x 203.