Spectera Provider Portal Log In Update

Spectera has been cleaning up their Provider Database and noticed that some TSO Offices have been logging in and selecting “General Optician” to get eligibility and filing claims. If there is an option to choose the Doctor’s name instead of “General Optician”, please select the Doctor’s name instead. “General Optician” will be deleted soon, if it has not already been. If “General Optician” is the only option to select when you log in, you will need a new Spectera user name.

If a New Spectera user name was needed for your location, Kathleen Buckingham, our Spectera representative, has already contacted you to give you those new user names and instructions on how to set up your new passwords.

Please make sure you have all done this as soon as possible as most will start to be deleted from the system and the “General Optician” option will no longer be a drop down soon on the Spectera Portal. If you have any questions on your new USER NAME or Password, please email Kathleen at kathleen_buckingham@uhc.com or you may call her at (952) 202-4175.

If she has not contacted you and you have a question about your Log in, please contact Kathleen on this issue as well. The website has had Newsflashes on this for the past month.

Please contact Cindy Huynh at cindy@tso.com, if you have any other questions.