Spectera New System Tips

1. When filing claims you must enter services, frames, lenses in their own claims tab.

2. Material copay will only be applied to the lenses.

3. The 90-minute edit mode in the “Submit Claims” tab is now working.

4. In order to keep your patient in the queue until you can submit the claim you must enter at least one service or product. By entering one service or product you can come back later and complete the claim and submit.

5. Spectera suggests that the office use the Payee ID when using the electronic system.

6. The Spectera website is not compatible with Internet Explorer 7 and 11.

7. If unable to access the website, assume eligibility for patients in your office is the basic plan E1 ($105/4 box contact lens benefit) or if a returning patient, it’s probably safe to assume the patient has the same plan as the last time.

8. When you do have a problem with the new system it is helpful to Spectera if you include a descriptive subject line in your email or a screen shot of the issue. The more detail you can include the better, including browser version, and your logon ID. Spectera has experienced a multitude of technical difficulty with this launch and appreciates your patience during this time of transition.

Since Ann Deen is no longer with us, please send any third party questions to Lindsey Hazelwood at lindsey@tso.com.