Spectera Eyecare Networks Update

October 1, 2012 was the day OptumHealth Vision became Spectera Eyecare Networks.  An online checklist is available for all offices to ease the process of identifying the places where the OHV name today needs to be removed or replaced. 



Most members know their vision benefit as either United Healthcare Vision or OptumHealth Vision.  They did NOT all change to Spectera on October 1, 2012.  Instead, as clients renew their policies this fall, the renewed product will be known as either “United Healthcare” or “Spectera.”   



Per the Administration section of the network administration manual (NAM), continue to verify eligibility first through either the Spectra website or IVR.   Please visit www.spectera.com/index.html for all additional information.



The IVR should speak “please follow vision plan XX” instead of referencing a specific product name.


Custom Plan Pages

TSO will update eNetwork with the custom plan pages as they are updated.