Spectera Delays Enhancements

The launch of administrative enhancements has been pushed out until the first quarter of 2014.  All TSO offices will continue working with Spectera as you do today (obtaining authorizations, verifying eligibility & benefits, filing claims, etc.).  Spectera will continue testing the enhancements and plan training during the first quarter of 2014.


Spectera Pediatric Members with Medical Plans


The enrollment figures for the Affordable Care Act Enhanced Healthcare Benefit Plans are not known at this time.  TSO offices may see some of these members in your office in January.  You will continue to check eligibility online at www.spectera.com or via the IVR and administer the plan presented.  Spectera expects the vast majority of the enrollment will be in the familiar copay-based plans versus high deductible plans. 


Closely review all authorizations, and eligibility documents.


Call or email Ann Deen at cadeen@tso.com with any questions.