Setting up a Google Places Page

As a local business it is important to spend the time to set up your Google Places page, as it is one of the most valuable and cost-free tools. It is quite easy to set up and completely free.

 To get started, you will submit your basic info at You will submit your business name, website URL, description of your business, category, hours of operation, telephone number, payment options you accept and a photos/videos which highlighting your business. The more info you enter about your business the better your organic rankings will be in Places. TO

Once you have set up your account and submitted your business information, Google will send you a PIN verification number by mail, text or via a phone call (your choice). Log into Google Places and enter your pin next to the business listing you created to complete your set-up. It will take Google 30 days from the time you enter your PIN to verify your business.

It’s important to know that Google Places only lists seven businesses per search with its red place markers marked A through G. This means that those business similar to yours which have listed themselves on  Google Places before you did get the place markers. Listing your business as soon as possible is the way to go so that you can claim one of the coveted 7 place markers. Another way to get into the top seven is to encourage customer reviews because the more reviews you get, the more likely you’ll land in the top seven.

You can check to see if your business is listed in Google Places by searching for your phone number in Google maps. If it shows up, then that’s great! There really isn’t any reason not to use Google  Places as it provides a great way for customers to find you which will most likely convert into sales and business prominence.

Submitted by Social Sarah

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