Selecting the Proper Sunwear for Golfers

Many golfers spend hundreds of dollars every year on not only green fees, but on buying the ball touted to have the best spin, the glove that has the best fit or the clubs which will give them the greatest distance. Their equipment is important to them, and they will invest in items that will improve their game and bring more enjoyment. Why not add sun wear to this list?

Eye care professionals have an opportunity to present their patients with sun wear designed to improve the visual comfort of the golfer. There are some lens colors that enhance the wearer’s visual perception while on the golf course. There is no hard scientific evidence that shows certain colors will help patients. Decide which color will best meet their wants and expectations by having tint samples available for them to try on, preferably in an outdoor setting.

Gray lenses are considered a neutral lens due to the fact they leave objects closest to their natural color when viewing them through a sun glass lens. A gray lens can be a good choice for the golfer who plays during the brightest of daylight hours and wants to maintain a true color on the course. Green lenses will run a close second as a lens color that will keep colors and surroundings neutral. Yellow tints improve contrast while reducing glare and preserving sharpness. They are excellent for overcast, haze or foggy conditions. With the introduction of Photo V3 Golf lenses, that is scheduled to ship early spring, Bolle is announcing its most technologically advanced, highest performance sunglasses for the sport to date.

Oakley has the Fast Jacket XL which provides a clean downward view and comes with two sizes of interchangeable nose pads to help the patient get a more accurate fit. It is also made of Unobtainium to increase grip as the patient begins to perspire.  It also weights in at a featherweight 12 grams. Maui Jim offers its Ka’anapali with a titanium material that is extremely light.

Just like there are a variety of golf clubs available to a golfer’s game, there are also a variety of lenses. As eye doctors, we need to be educated in the lens and frame options available so we can properly guide and educate our patients about solutions to best fit their needs and expectations.