Save Money with Second Pair Discount

Just in time for the Q3 Sales incentive program for multi-pair sales, Essilor offers a BIG advantage when it comes to purchasing two pair of lenses for the same patient.

In the agreement negotiated by the TSO Network Board of Directors, Essilor offers a second pair discount of 50% off the lesser expensive of the two pair of lenses for the same patient and ordered on the same day.

When ordering by phone mention the code “Pair 50” during the phone order, for Fax Orders write the code “Pair 50” in Special Instructions, for Vision Web Orders add the code “Pair 50” to Special Instructions, along with the patients order number(s).

How do I know which pair(s) are lower priced that get the discount?

Order Entry collects all the orders and determines which job is the most expensive and applies the Essilor/TSO 50% discount to the lower priced job(s). In order for the “Pair50” program to be applied it is important that the code “Pair 50” is communicated at the time of the order(s).

For the TSO Lenses MiraVa and MiraVa Plus, a 25% discount is applied to the lesser expensive of the two pair of lenses. This also includes the TSO off-shore lenses. (These products and the 25% second pair program are only available at the OMNI
Optical Laboratory.)

Should you have any questions, please contact your Essilor Sales Consultant or Customer Service Representative at the TSO Approved Essilor Labs.