Restructured Board has New Members

The deferred election of two board positions is complete and the results were announced on Friday, February 22, 2013.

Dr. Cameron Smith from Mansfield will serve a three year term beginning this year. Dr. Doug Jackman from Austin received the second most votes and therefore will fill the remaining two years of Dr. Jeff Harrell’s seat who stepped down for personal reasons.

In January of this year, the Board of Directors voted to change the structure and responsibilities of the board. Among these changes was the reduction from twelve to nine directors. Another change created an executive committee consisting of the Chairman, the Chairman-elect, the Member Representative and the Finance Chairman. The remaining five directors each accept responsibility and chairmanship for one of the five committees which report to the board.

Network members are encouraged to select a committee and become involved in the direction and success of the organization. The future of the TSO Network depends on members who are involved and participate in its leadership.

The network office would like to thank Drs. Nguyen, Virani, Chen, Juarez, Smolins and Scott for adding their names to the ballot. We are fortunate to have so many qualified candidates from which to choose.