Research Report – Key Drivers of the Patient Experience

Jobson Research, LLC recently completed a research project measuring the Key Drivers in the Patient Experience and Satisfaction.  The findings sounded very familiar and we thought you would like to take a summary look at their results.

Participants were asked “When you think of an excellent vision and eye care experience, what comes to mind?

Common themes in their answers were, “thorough”, “well-equipped”, “friendly”, “knowledgeable”,” competent”, “answers questions”, and “explains”.

Most respondents could not relate to a “bad’ eye care experience. Those that did, cited “inaccuracy” and “pushed add-ons” as reasons for their displeasure. Participants expressed the importance of being seen by the same doctor on return visits.

When prompted as to what’s most important regarding access to eye care, respondents agreed that factors of “quality time spent”, “waiting time”, “getting calls answered”,   and “getting an appointment soon” are important. Participants introduced additional factors related to “affordable”, “hours” and “up to date equipment”. Less important factors regarding access to eye doctors included “office hours”, “easy to get to office”, and “office appearance”.

Satisfaction with access was characterized as “timely”, “friendly”, “explanations”, “answers questions” and “knowledgeable”.

When the discussion turned to doctor communication, participants cited “explaining results”, “questions answered”, “listens”, “unhurried”, and “professionalism”, as essential for a good experience.  Participants added factors “Dr. knows me”, “understandable”, and “knowledgeable” and further found that “listening” and “unhurried” were important factors for a satisfying experience.

The consent around communication with the staff highlighted factors of “questions answered”, “courtesy”, “professional”, and “helpful”.

Participants added “friendliness”, “respect” and “privacy” regarding staff communications as factors of importance.

Source: Jobson Research, LLC, Key Drivers of the Patient Experience