Regional Market Managers Conduct Introductory Sessions

After visiting most of the members in their markets, the Regional Market Managers, Steve Coronado (Central Region Manager) and Craig Parker (North Region Manager) have provided support to the doctors by assisting with duties ranging from training office managers who have been recently promoted to merchandise management recommendations. The managers are aware that the needs of each office will vary, but what seems to be the common denominator is that the doctors primarily need assistance and support with insurance management.

Recently Steve and Craig spent a significant amount of time with Ann Deen to thoroughly learn the various insurance plans and processes. The primary focus for the next few weeks will consist of conducting audits of the insurances accepted by most of the doctors. For example, if an office is seeing mostly EyeMed insurance holders, the managers will review 10 EyeMed claims and verify the claims were submitted in a timely manner; the lab work for the claims were kept in-house or sent out (whichever maximizes profit); the claims were paid; the payment was for the correct amount, and that the claim’s discounted balance was written off correctly. The managers will also review old claims to verify the maximum amount of money was received for the service provided.

“Now with Steve and I covering less offices than Ann, we have the ability to be much more proactive in helping our members. This change in approach will deliver much more value to the group”, said Craig.

While Steve will focus on insurance management with the members in his region, he wants to also focus on sales presentations of various products. “I have seen a variety of presentations, and standardization will be on the list of matters to address in the coming weeks”, said Steve.

Though the initial visits with the doctors were introductory meetings, the man- agers have learned a great deal and are equipping themselves to provide the doctors with the necessary tools to accomplish short and long term goals.