Region Managers Provide Support

Earlier this year, Craig Parker and Steve Coronado joined the network staff as Market Managers assigned to the North and Central regions. Rosie Daniel joined our team in the month of October as Market Manager for the Houston East Region.

All three individuals have strong and extensive backgrounds and expertise in optical and optometry practice management and offer TSO Network Members support and resources in building and strengthening their individual practices.

The region managers can assist members with:

• Training optical and lab staff members
• Optical and lab inventory management
• Customer Service training
• Office Merchandising
• Billing and collections
• Third-party reimbursement analysis
• Sales training
• Marketing and advertising planning and management

Each manager is assigned approximately 30 network members which they will meet by appointment every six to eight weeks. During these visits they are to work out a practice development plan with the doctor/owner and manager. This plan will then guide their involvement with the member office over an agreed upon period of time.

Members are asked to set aside at least an hour with the manager on their initial visit to have a conversation as to how the manager and the TSO Network office can best support their practice.

As our network continues to grow and build success, it is an important priority to provide members ongoing support that will enable them to create the practice success they desire. By providing help through the market manager structure, each member now has their own professional practice management consultant. The combined experience of our market managers produces a tremendous resource of knowledge and expertise. We encourage every member to take full advantage of their availability.