Q3 Sales Program a Big Success!

This year’s Q3 sales program emphasized the importance of patients owning multiple pairs of prescription eyewear using each for different lifestyle vision reasons. Whether it was high definition progressive lenses, computer lenses or polarized prescription sunwear, patients learned the visual benefit of owning more than one pair of prescription eyewear.

By using a simple 3-Step Patient Presentation that was part of the program, many offices saw their sales of multiple pairs of eyewear significantly increase with some reporting as high as 30 to 40%. “The 3-Step Presentation really made a difference in the way the patients understood the importance of owning different prescriptions for different reasons,” stated Hattie Davis, the overall producer in the Golden Triangle Marketing Council.

In total there were 38 offices and 115 office associates that participated in the sales program. The incentive program featured a New York City theme where associates earned tokens to move them along one of four different subway lines to reach Grand Central Terminal and a $100 bonus. In addition to weekly cash awards, the top performers worked to be included in a drawing for a four-day, three night expense paid trip to New York City.

As an incentive for doctors to encourage their staff’s participation, the member owner for whom the winning associate works also receives a four-day, three-night expense paid trip to the Big Apple.