Protect Your Investment: Eyewear Do’s and Don’t’s

What Comes to Mind?

• Don’t use Windex!

• Don’t wipe your lenses when they are dry!

• Don’t leave your glasses in the car!

• DO use something soft & a cotton to dry your lenses!

As the eye care professional, I’m sure you are well aware of what to do (and what NOT to do) to keep a pair of glasses looking like new. But the question you must ask yourself is,

“Do all of my patients know the proper way to care for and protect their eyewear?” The truth is, if there’s even one person who walks out of your door without being instructed on proper care for their glasses, that is ONE too many!

The DOs & DON’Ts should be given during the dispense for each spectacle patient. By doing this, we ensure ourpatents are not only getting the best product, but the best education as well. Hopefully by doing this, we prevent unnecessary remakes and warranties due to “user error” with their eyewear!

Here are a few DOs & DON’Ts:

Do wet your glasses with eyeglass cleaning solution or regular tap water before wiping them.

Don’t use household glass cleaner to clean your lenses.

Glass cleaner and products like it are extremely abrasive to plastic and will damage your lenses.

Do use only a soft cotton or micro-fiber cloth to dry your lenses.

Don’t use paper towels or facial tissues to dry your lenses.

These items are wood based and can cause scratches.

Do remove your glasses before spraying hairspray, perfume or other chemicals. These items can corrode coatings, as well as some lens materials.

Don’t use any alcohol-based cleaners – even if it says “optical lens safe” on polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are very sensitive to chemicals.

Do use both hands to remove your glasses. This avoids putting stress on the hinges or bridge.

Don’t sleep in your glasses. This can affect the adjustment,bend the frame and put stress on the joints that will weaken your frame over time.

Educating our patients on how to protect their investment … creates a YES!