Planting and Reaping

This month is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s because we host two important banquets for third and fourth year optometry students. The banquet for the students at the Rosenberg School of Optometry will be at the Omni Hotel on April 12th. As of this writing we have over 60 students attending this event, an outstanding turnout and interest in Texas State Optical.

On April 13th, we host a banquet for the University of Houston College of Optometry at the Aquarium Restaurant in downtown Houston. Currently there are over 100 UHCO students registered to attend this event. Another outstanding turnout and demonstration of the interest students have in joining our network.

I want to congratulate Dr. Leigha Nielsen for the work she is doing on the Board’s Political Affairs committee which is responsible for hosting these important opportunities for the Doctors of TSO. Many, if not most of our new associates either decide to join TSO due to one of these events or meet doctors at the banquet with whom they begin a discussion about joining their practice.

I want to encourage all of my colleagues to register to attend one or both of these events and represent the wonderful opportunity of membership in the TSO Network.

It is at these events we plant the seeds on interest and understanding of how TSO membership will benefit them as young professionals. We plant the seeds of them believing that they too can own their own practice someday and encourage them to take that leap of faith in themselves. We also plant the seeds of belief in the support, resources and advantages in being a part of Texas State Optical. To have the help and support of all Network members in building their practice.

And as everyone knows, it is from the planting that we get to enjoy the harvest. This comes in the form of young, dedicated professionals joining as associate doctors and then one day opening their own practice. I can point to many, many of our young leadership that was a result of the “old guys” planting seeds of opportunities at events just like these banquets. This infusion of dedicated young doctors have helped to make secure the future of the TSO brand and some of those currently registered as students will also be a part of our future.