Plan Your Staff’s 2013 Continuing Education Programs

Doctors and office managers should begin planning your staff’s education program for 2013 now!     

One of the biggest challenges that an office has in today’s work place is finding and keeping the right employees.  It is crucial to the success of your practice.  Patients want and expect optical staff to be knowledgeable and well trained.  Well trained employees know how to maximize patient satisfaction to ensure repeat business and stimulate new growth.  The best way to retain patients is to make sure your staff frequently receives training.

Options for Employee Training and Development

When you think about education, training and development, options are available anywhere from in-office to online. Choices range from seminars, webinars and mentoring programs.

Here are the existing alternatives to help your employees continue to grow. For recruiting, retention, and managing change and continuous improvement, adopt all of these practices within your organization.

External Education:

  •         Seminars, workshops, and classes both in-person and online (i.e. 20/20 Magazine, Optician Handbook, etc.).
  •         Professional association seminars, meetings, and conferences offer training opportunities (i.e. TOA Convention, Vision Expo, etc.)

Internal Education:

  •        Onsite seminars (vendors, lab, etc.) customized to your office.
  •         Onsite mentoring is increasingly important
  •         TSO Network webinars, annual meetings, regional training
  •         Conduct in-office classes by each staff member during staff meetings. 

What Your Organization Can Do to Facilitate Continuous Learning and Regular Training:

  •        Create a learning environment and communicate the expectation for learning.
  •         Offer work time support for learning. Make online learning and reading part of every employee’s day.
  •       Provide a professional library.
  •       Pay for professional association memberships and conference attendance annually for employees.

Training is crucial to the ongoing development of the people you employ and their retention and success, and it is important that your staff receives the training that enables them to do their best. Be creative to provide diverse opportunities for training.

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