Plan to Succeed

No one plans to fail, but many fail to plan. Unfortunately, the outcome is often the same. Doctors of Optometry, mired in the details of every day eye care, often forget to set goals for their practices, and neglect to devise strategies for reaching them.

As a result, when rough times come upon them, they are unprepared. We in the optical industry are embarking on a journey to a place with a great deal of unfamiliar terrain. No one knows exactly the way through. But if you have a strategic plan, you will keep going in the right direction, and be able to easily negotiate the obstacles that will inevitably arise.

A strategic plan is an internal practice document that defines your goals and describes to you and your staff how you aim to reach those goals. A strategic plan is much different than a business plan.

Strategic plans are for internal use only, and exist to help you reach any goal, fi- nancial, marketing or otherwise. In the next edition of the newsletter, the stra- tegic planning process for marketing will be outlined. These steps will help you determine the most logical path to your marketing goals and allow you to reach them with a minimum of hassle and frustration.