Ownership and Service

I am very proud to be an owner of our company, Texas State Optical. The board of directors, along with a group of doctors, who are leaders in our company recently held a meeting to discuss and plan the reorganization of our network to better suit our growth into the future. These doctors are from around the state and represent a diverse background of office size and communities they serve. All of us came together with the single goal of making our network better for our members. Kudos to TSO President John Marvin who was instrumental in organizing this meeting and facilitating the meeting to ensure that we would accomplish this goal.

What a great feeling to be surrounded by doctors that have a true visionary spirit. Our network’s strength depends on the success of each individual office and the leadership of members who volunteer to work on behalf of all offices in the network.

The meeting concentrated on how to provide the best service and support to our members. Network offices are all different and have different needs, but all strive to provide the best service and quality to their patients. It’s our job as a company to help our members provide this care. That is truly the beauty of our organization, doctors helping doctors to provide the highest quality of vision care. There are many changes occurring in our profession and the delivery of eye care to patients. Federal government regulations are changing, vision benefit plans are changing, technology is changing and yet our responsibilities continue to be to help people see the important things in life.

As owners of our company, it is reassuring to know that we have members that are not just interested in their own individual success, but are interested in building an organization committed to your office and your success. This is because your success makes our network stronger and the TSO brand stronger.