Overcoming Objection

Recognizing the importance of both doctors and office associates continually learning and improving their clinical skills and knowledge, the TSO Network will reimburse network members for the cost of continuing education. The criteria is that the education must be approved for either hours recognizedcby the Texas Optometry Board or the American Board of Opticianry. If the education is received at a conference, meeting or convention for which there is a registration fee, then the fee is pro-rated by the total number of hours available or a maximum of six hours for each day of the conference, convention or meeting.

The TSO Network will not reimburse doctors or office associates for travel or lodging expenses associated with the education course or courses, but only for the education itself. To request reimbursement, please write out a request by letter or email explaining the course topics and total number of hours taken and the cost of the education.

Please attach or include copies of receipts or verification that the education was purchased and attended within 90 days of completing the course.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Han at officeadmin@tso.com.

Each month we ask one of the Region Market Managers to identify a situational difficulty that a TSO staff member may encounter while serving patients based on their work with offices in their region. Each month, a new objection will be identified and a solution will be offered.

Patient Objection: I want to be able to show my significant other what I am selecting to buy, so I will come back later!

TSO Staff Member Answer: Great, but if you would like to save time in selection process, allow me to share with you what other patients have done here at TSO. What type of phone do you have? If it is a smart phone, we had another patient recently in same position. We took “selfies” of the frames she had spent time to select and put the frames aside for consideration. She sent photos to her family members to assist in selection. It was easy to say, “Let’s also show your family the frames and sunglass selection you are considering via text!”

Steve Coronado’s experience: Patients have thanked me for consideration to this, as it truly saved them another trip into the office and allowed their updated prescription to be in place sooner rather than later. It also gives staff members another opportunity to present the patient with multiple pairs based on their lifestyle.

If your office would like to submit an example of overcoming objection, please email Robin Oloyede at robin@tso.com to be featured in next month’s edition!