OptumHealth Updates

  • When filing a claim with a progressive lens do not use two line items.  For example, a deluxe progress should be filed as V2781 (progressive) with a modifier L2  do not use the progressive CPT code and a trifocal CPT code (V2300).
  • OptumHealth has released new formularies effective 1/1/2012.  Those formularies will be available on eNetwork 1/1/2012.
  • Offices can expect to receive claim adjustments (negative and positive) on their EOBs for 2011 by year end.  These adjustments represent payment overages during the year 2011.
  • TSO contact for OptumHealth is Cristine Anderson new fax number 612-234-0940 and email address Cristine_m_anderson@optumhealth.com.

Contact Ann Deen (214-704-1181 or cadeen@tso.com) with questions concerning OptumHealth.