Omni Lab Now Supported by Essilor Sales Team

Omni Lab is now supported by the Essilor Lab Sales Consultant team. This change will help us to better support the TSO and Essilor partnership. Going forward, all TSO accounts will be supported by eight Essilor Sales Consultants. This consultant team has been trained and is ready to support you with your business needs.

Below is a list of sales consultants and their corresponding territories.

David Kindel: District Sales Manager

Cell: 972-800-0651


David has been a District Sales Manager for Essilor since 1996 when Essilor Labs began. His team has been the most successful group of sales consultants in the history of Essilor Labs, winning District of the Year for the past three consecutive years.

Jacob Gray: East Texas

Cell: 214-675-8303


Jake comes to Essilor from ExamOne and PhotoFax Investigations. He has developed several innovative products to

help increase sales in both companies. His sales achievements put him at the top of both companies’ sales organizations.


Kelley Kirby: Austin/Midland Odessa Texas

Cell: 713-659-9111


Kelley has been a Sales Consultant for the district for four years. She recently

transferred to Austin from Houston. Kelley led the district last year and is making the same impact in her current territory.


Shawn Bills: Greater North Houston Area, Texas

Cell: 602-321-5259


Shawn moved to Houston recently to join Essilor Lab of America (ELOA). Shawn has very successful sales experience with Pfizer and other medically related positions.

Always a top performer, Shawn has already shown her drive to succeed with ELOA.


Lisa Caffey: Greater West Houston Area, Texas

Cell: 832-721-6353


Seasoned medical sales consultant with over 15 years experience. Many company awards, including President’s Club. Lisa has been a sales consultant and managed District Sales Managers.


Billy Chambers: San Antonio/ The Valley, Texas

Cell: 210-240-1970


Billy has been in the optical business for 35 years, beginning with American

Optical. He joined Omega Optical in 1985 in the same capacity. Billy is a multiple “President’s Club” winner.


David Guminski: Fort Worth Area, West Texas

Cell: 972-800-0651


David has been successful Sales Consultant in the district for four years. David was in the dental devices industry for seven years prior to Essilor.


Renee Granier: Louisiana

Cell: 225-241-0057


Renee has been with Essilor since 2014. She is a native of Louisiana. She has over 10 years of sales experience in the medical field. Renee has a great understanding of how to help Optometry practices grow.

The Essilor Sales Consultants will be reaching out to each member in the next few weeks to begin their new increased support of TSO members. Additionally, you will continue to receive the same high quality lab service and dedicated customer service team at Omni Lab. Furthermore there will be no change to your negotiated TSO pricing.


Debbie Reim: Greater Dallas Area, Texas   

Cell: 972-897-7587


Debbie has been with Essilor for 15 years. Debbie is also the District Sales Manager Designate, which is an important step in her professional development towards getting her own manager position.

Area, Texas


Kera Deaton: Greater East Houston

Cell: 713-806-9371


Kera worked for the Houston Children Services for 15 years. She then moved to the oil and gas industry for five years. Prior to joining Essilor, Kera had a sales position with a large liquor and wine company and won many top sales awards.